Kartonplast of Guatemala S.A (KPG) is a global manufacturer and supplier of solutions in corrugated plastic cardboard. We are currently leaders in the manufacture of boxes anchored in plastic corrugated cardboard for the distribution of food, whose distribution is through a cold chain. The characteristics of corrugated plastic sheets have excellent performance and are applied in a variety of commercial and industrial uses.


We have a development and design department. Kartonplast de Guatemala's in-house Graphic / Industrial Design department works closely with clients to design packaging with perfect appearance and resistance. We have experts to determine the correct structural design for your product.


Our clients will always find professionals at KPG concerned and interested in their packaging needs. The most valuable services that KPG provides to maximize customer benefits is the extensive knowledge, experience and design of our packaging. We are always innovating to provide the best packaging supply service to meet the needs of our customers.


At KPG we take care of coordinating purchases and deliveries at competitive prices. Because of this, KPG can provide additional service functions such as scheduling, inventory control, and tracking. These important services allow KPG customers to focus all their efforts on growing and handling, knowing with confidence that packaging materials will be delivered as requested and on time. As an additional service feature, KPG provides a full line inventory of products for customers whose scheduling requires it. We have an experienced Sales Team to provide personalized attention to our clients.

KartonPlast (KPG)

About us

We are a passionate group of people who continually work to deliver value by providing packaging solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. In Kartonplast of Guatemala (KPG) we promote innovative and quality packaging in order to serve our customers as partners. Our mission is to supply packaging that will protect your products from production to market while maintaining their freshness and characteristics.


In 2009 Kartonplast de Guatemala S.A. (KPG) arises as a solution to manufacture and supply corrugated plastic cardboard boxes with the purpose of offering a faster and more personalized service to various vegetable exporters in the region. Over time and experience, we have expanded the product line and the installed capacity of our manufacturing plant.

kartonplast (KPG)

Why are our processes sustainable?

To achieve sustainable production, it is necessary to implement a responsible management of natural resources. All processes we conducted KPG, are properly studied to determine the effect they have on the water, soil and air, the essential elements of the environmental impact. From this account, we deploy a series of good practices in our processes, with which we ensure our productivity while preserving the environment without contamination.

At KPG we are committed to society. That is why we promote a series of initiatives and programs so that our company generates development for each of the people who are in contact with us, both directly and indirectly, all are witnesses and participants in the development that we provide since our premise is : work to generate economic, social and environmental value for Guatemala.
At KPG, we maintain a continuous and strict surveillance of potential risks at each point of work along the production chain in order to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases. We have an Occupational Health and Safety Department whose main function is to ensure compliance with occupational risk prevention policies.
Cleanliness and Order

We work with the highest standard of safety, cleanliness and order in our processes.

Efficient production

Committed to working maximizing production resources in order to be more efficient every time.

Our Clients Our Priority
We serve our clients as partners, understanding that their success is our success.
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Industry Achievements

The corrugated plastic box industry is a relatively new growth industry. We are convinced that this industry collaborates a lot with the environment and the future of natural resources.

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Recyclable Boxes
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Our advantages

100% Recyclable

All components of our plastic corrugated cardboard boxes, including printing, are fully recyclable.

Eco Friendly

The raw material we use, polypropylene, is made purely of carbon and hydrogen, manufactured without any dangerous emission. This is why our process has no effect on the environment.

100% Waterproof

Fully waterproof, perfect for fresh and frozen products. Our boxes will withstand the elements and moisture safely.


Our packaging is very lightweight which means it is easier to handle, ship and store, which makes it much easier to use and can help reduce costs.

Highly resistant

Polypropylene is well known for its strength and durability. It is very convenient to contain loads while maintaining its shape and structure.

Made to measure

All of our boxes and packaging can be designed specifically for your needs, so if your goal is to save space or keep products fresh in the cold chain for longer, we can create with our team, a suitable solution for your needs.

Maintains hydration and freshness.

Tested and measured, all KPG boxes have superior insulation properties when in a full cold chain, ensuring your product arrives safe and fresh at its destination. Another quality of freshness is that the plastic corrugated cardboard does not transmit any smell or taste to the content.

kartonplast (KPG)


General Labor Inspectorate
Proof of the Occupational Health and Safety Plan
kartonplast (KPG)

Contact us

Authorized Dealer in Western USA, Mexico and Canada.

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